Meditation Has Become a Billion-Dollar Business

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Meditation was created to help us identify less with our thoughts and feelings, and to realize that our thinking and feeling habits reflect broader social conditioning.  By disidentifying with habitual thoughts and feelings (which takes hard work and long-term discipline and comitment), we become able to discern better the still small voice within.  And to choose which thoughts are worth thinking, and those that are better let go.  Meditation was designed as a spiritual tool to bring us closer to unfiltered reality, and to God.  As our species evolves, it is not a surprise that business would become interested in techniques that develop concentration and focus.  All the research on various forms of meditation confirms that.  The question is, where is your concentration and focus best applied?  As Fortune reports here, the business of meditation in business is booming.  No one is saying it’s good for business, just that it’s good for individuals in business.




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