What does age regression feel like?

As people learn about transpersonal hypnotherapy and age regression, some wonder what age regression actually feels like.  Is it like virtual reality or something else?  Click here for more information.

How should I decide when to see a transpersonal hypnotherapist vs. a psychotherapist?

Psychotherapists and transpersonal hypnotherapists both deal with issues that create discomfort or distress in everyday life. How can you determine when one might be a better fit than the other? Transpersonal therapists are limited to providing help for behavioral change, where psychotherapists are licensed and regulated by the state to provide therapeutic treatment. Still confused? Click here to learn more.

What is the difference between classical and transpersonal hypnosis?

Many people have ideas about hypnosis based on what they’ve seen in the movies or on TV. Mind control. An otherwise nice person primed to kill on cue! Transpersonal hypnosis is not that! Click here to see a short video that describes what it is.