My work is client-centered, not technique driven.

The goal of the work is:

  1. discovery of inner-knowing and guidance;
  2. harnessing will to explore, experiment, and become more aware of alternate skillful options; and
  3. deliberate choice of more intentional, precise action.

Consulting conversations take place at the conscious beta level of mind.

Discernment, planning, evaluation, and determination of next steps take place here. Consultation is solution-focused and grounded in continual learning and growth.

Consultation is recommended for those who already have a fairly clear idea of the challenges they face, but do not yet have practical strategies for navigating these issues with greater awareness and skill. Clients already possess the capacity for self-reflection and have a sense of their innate talents and strengths; also, where they are likely to struggle or repeat mistakes at work and home.  Most importantly, they have the desire to mobilize their inner and external resources to take constructive action once they identify what those actions could be.

There are others who are interested in personal exploration but do not have the ability to make changes that they have identified for themselves as being necessary.  People in this situation benefit more from psychotherapy than consultation as they need first to reclaim their ability to act on their own behalf.  If  clients are unable to take reasonable action on their own behalf, I suspend consultation and refer them out to psychotherapists.  Hypnotherapy may be an excellent option here, however, so long as a client has a therapist with whom they can process their new awareness.