Thank you for sharing your insight. The work I have done with you is transformative. Each time we identify what is blocking me, I get a surge of energy and engage with things that I’ve been avoiding.  More importantly, I’m far more aware of where I can get myself into trouble, and what I can do to make progress on my own. Today, after we finished our sessions, I was able to tackle necessary phone calls, emails, tax preparation etc. Thank you.

~ JJ, New York City

Elizabeth is a truly exceptional coach! Her skills extend well beyond her peers. She blends a sophisticated understanding of human behavior with extensive knowledge and experience in organizational management and development. I am a practicing psychologist and direct a multidisciplinary practice. Coaching sessions with Elizabeth quickly helped me identify what was getting in the way of reaching my professional and practice objectives; she offered fresh ideas and insights that have helped me succeed in ways I never imagined.

~ Cynthia Matthew PH.D, Saybrook Counseling Center

I consulted with Elizabeth Sudler when I was going through the difficult and protracted breakup of a long-term personal relationship. Elizabeth is, among other things, a gifted listener, whose sensitivity and discernment enabled her to immediately grasp the issues that were keeping me (and my ex-partner) from moving forward, and to frame and present both problems and solutions to me in a way that was immediately understandable and accessible. Together we fashioned a strategy for interacting and negotiating with my ex-partner that freed us both from our “stuckness” and eventually enabled us to reach a fair and balanced settlement of our personal and financial issues. Elizabeth’s clarity and focus were invaluable to me in this process, and I know that I will be able to apply the skills she taught me in other areas of my life where I feel stuck or challenged (but I will be keeping Elizabeth’s phone number just in case!).

~ CL Moore, Esq.

Working with Elizabeth has truly changed my life. As soon as I began working with her, the progress I was aiming for in my life (professional and personal – including relationships and spiritual, emotional and physical health) skyrocketed. She has a keen ability to read me, understand the core issues in situations I struggle with, and direct me with suggestions that are right on. Simultaneously, however, her style of guidance has helped me develop my own intuition and authority/confidence. She puts things in perspective. My conversations with Elizabeth leave me with hope for life.

~ MM, Union Theological Institute

You are my connection to synchronicity and inspiration.

~ On-site corporate Medical Director, Take Care Health Systems


My sessions with Elizabeth have supported me on such a deep level. I have had both clinical hypnosis to deal with current issues and past life regressions with her too. The results have been phenomenal!  I was experiencing fear and hesitancy around leaving my career to pursue something more meaningful. In the days and weeks following each session with Elizabeth I felt more capable and enthusiastic about moving forward. I was more able to direct my energy towards the work that I really wanted to do.  Things started to come together for me in a more synchronistic way. I also gained many other insights about unconscious self-sabotaging patterns in my life.  I’m feeling lighter and have greater self respect as a result of the sessions.

The wisdom that came through my past life regression will be with me always. Such a gift to remember and experience my infinite soul. I have experienced past life regressions with other hypnotherapists and Elizabeth is one of the best! Naturally gifted, she intuitively guided me so that I was able to go very deeply and access the memories and information that were perfect for me to witness and connect to my current life issues. As a result of these Past Life Regressions, I feel like I am expanding in leaps and bounds. Thank you Elizabeth for the skill and compassion you bring to each session; my life has really changed in beautiful ways through working with you.

~ ES, British Columbia

I have suffered from fear and anxiety most of my life. Prior to my hypnosis session, Elizabeth posed the question to think about what I was most afraid of and what I ideally wanted in it’s place.

Through hypnosis, she lead me down to a deeper and deeper place where I could see and feel a day like many in the childhood where I had to witness horrific traumatic experiences that were going on in my home. With her expertise and it seemed intuitively, Elizabeth approached my suffering with care, gentleness and compassion, allowed me the trust to go deeper and get to a place where finally the work I had been doing for many years all came together. Today I feel a freedom I have not experienced before.

The gift is, I feel done with ever having to go back there again. I feel freer, lighter and more healed than ever before.

~ BM, Massachusetts


You got great reviews from our teams about their enjoyment of class content and confidence applying the principles to the work. I am giving you a standing ovation!

~ Director of Corporate Programs, NGO

The regional office admin and HR managers who attended your session highlighted how helpful the program was and spoke about specific situations where they will use what they learned. The others have asked to see the video of your presentation.

Also, the training yesterday on talking about difficult topics was excellent! I will fill out the “evaluation” today to relay my delight on the training. The open discussion always raises great scenarios and sharing of information that is so incredibly useful and helpful. As you saw during the HR meeting… it was quickly being used in real time. Elizabeth is fantastic….she is first rate. Thank you for offering such an important, fantastic and helpful training.

~ Talent Management Administrator, US Law Firm ranked as Best Law Firm by US News and World Report

Thanks again for coming back to teach the RESPECT II courses. All of the evaluations and feedback have been very positive, especially the feedback about you.

~ Executive Director of HR and Faculty Affairs, Columbia University

This was a fantastic series – Elizabeth is a phenomenal trainer. She is relatable, funny, and able to address questions with ease and by sharing relevant experiences/examples. Elizabeth was wonderful to work with and truly listened to our staff and the challenges we face as an organization. I hope to be able to work with her again.

~ Human Resources Director, Columbia University

Loved your class and took a lot of useful information away from it (and shared with my husband too!) Great job, especially the way you were able to speak so frankly about so many subjects.

~ Vice President, Global Investment Bank

I wanted to send you a note to express how proud I am of Goldman Sachs for having the wisdom and foresight to roll-out Mindfulness training for our people. Given our hard-charging and Type A culture, I’m sure many people pushed back in the belief that this was some kind of soft or “touchy-feely” training.

Quite the opposite, these skills will lead to more commercial outcomes for the Firm. I’m convinced (and know through experience) that mindfulness leads to greater productivity, more efficiency, better decisions, higher retention and better relationships. Well done!

~ Managing Director, Investment Management Division, Global Investment Bank

You have been amazing at guiding the team and being my primary resource for understanding resilience.

~ Vice President (Asia Benefits Division), Global Investment Bank

All the content and areas of focus were spot on with what the team needed.

~ Vice President, Global Investment Bank

The session exceeded our expectations. As a team we had so much fun and look forward to implementing some of the techniques you taught.

~ Senior Vice President, Global Investment Bank