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Conventional practices (think most psychotherapies, self-help and how-to literature and videos) can work well with the day-to-day challenges that most of us face at one time or another.  Yet some of us are forced out of the mainstream into much deeper waters when faced with the consequences of an addiction, whether our own or someone else’s.  I know this because I was raised by two excessive substance users, became one myself, and then started a lifelong recovery path predicated on abstinence over 37 years ago.

People addicted to substances or to process addictions (e.g. work, gambling, sex and love etc.) typically are sensitive and sometimes extremely gifted.  The root cause for addiction issues typically can be found in childhood or in trauma so extensive that we conclude that responsibility for survival solely rests within ourselves and our own ingenuity.  Our survival options may be further limited by our young age and/and dependency on others who harm us and themselves as well.

Substances and/or the development of self-soothing obsessive or compulsive behaviors is the ticket for many of us to psychological and emotional survival. For those of us who are genetically or in other ways susceptible to addiction, the initial solution (e.g. drinking, excessive fantasy, all-consuming work to escape dependency and remain independent etc.) becomes the thing that, over time, turns on us.  What was once a solution becomes a problem as we prioritize our need to drink or work or pursue sex and romance over declining health and relationships.  Understanding that the solution ultimately became the problem is the crux of recovery work.

Some of us do NOT engage in substance use or process addiction and instead shift our attention to what other people are or are not doing “properly.” A focus on “them” and our attempts to control “them” can also bring us to our knees.


I provide consultation on a short or longer-term basis to people looking for recovery or who want to deepen their emotional recovery.  Some look for harm reduction assistance; specifically their desire to use psychedelics or other chemical compounds to achieve or maintain physical and emotional recovery.  In the instance of harm-reduction, I provide support to clients while they integrate their experience.

These consultations turn insight and discovery gained from conversation and client self-reflection into practical action. It is a process by which we start determining what is important and essential, and answering questions like: what is my addiction/recovery asking me to face?  what is possible right now? what is the next right step I can take? how and where am I willing to try something new or change my behavior? what actions and activities can move me toward my heart’s desire or deepest longings? where do I need to say yes or no to myself or others?


I use hypnotherapy, specifically transpersonal hypnotherapy, either as an adjunct to consultation or as a stand-alone method of personal discovery.  Transpersonal hypnotherapy takes place at the unconscious level. My responsibility is to create the ambiance and relaxation necessary for a client to retain his/her own awareness and ability to speak in the alpha or theta state of consciousness.  I do not “insert” ideas into the client in this altered state: I guide them toward seeing, sensing or experiencing the parts of themselves, or metaphorical representations, that hold important information.

Once in that deeper state, clients are ably to bypass their normal everyday consciousness and internalized cultural belief systems.  Time is no longer fixed.  By exploring memories and other images that emerge to point the way, clients are able to access important unconscious information to perceive and unlock persistent blocks.  Please see my blog page for videos that provide more in depth discussion on these topics.


My work is client-centered and not technique driven.  The goal of the work is: 1) discovery of inner-knowing and guidance; 2) harnessing will to explore, experiment, and become more aware of alternate skillful options; and 3) deliberate choice of more intentional, precise action.

Consulting conversations take place at the conscious beta level of mind.  Discernment, planning, evaluation, and determination of next steps take place here. Consultation is solution-focused and grounded in continual learning and growth.

Consultation is recommended for those who already have a fairly clear idea of the challenges they face, but do not yet have practical strategies for navigating these issues with greater awareness and skill. Clients already possess the capacity for self-reflection and have a sense of their innate talents and strengths; also, where they are likely to struggle or repeat mistakes at work and home.  Most importantly, they have the desire to mobilize their inner and external resources to take constructive action once they identify what those actions could be.

There are others who are interested in personal exploration but do not have the ability to make changes that they have identified for themselves as being necessary.  People in this situation benefit more from psychotherapy than consultation as they need first to reclaim their ability to act on their own behalf.  If  clients are unable to take reasonable action on their own behalf, I suspend consultation and refer them out to psychotherapists.  Hypnotherapy may be an excellent option here, however, so long as a client has a therapist with whom they can process their new awareness.


Substance Use | Emotional Recovery Consultation: 

$300/hour (some partial scholarships available)

Transpersonal Hypnosis: 

All sessions are offered via Zoom typically between 10am-5pm EST.

I offer a complementary 15 minute session to determine whether hypnotherapy can be a good fit and high level discussion of the issue at hand.  If you do not have experience entering into altered states through meditation, visualization, or some other means, a shorter introductory practice session is recommended . Reach out here .

-Transpersonal hypnotherapy session: $375 @ 1 and 1/2 hours

-Introductory practice session for people new to altered states: $275 @ 1 hour

Group Facilitation | Seminars: 

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I am a person in long-term recovery with considerable depth of knowledge in 12-Step, mental health, and other emotional recovery programs. I have held strategic roles in health and wellness divisions at both Goldman Sachs and Merrill Lynch. As a senior leader at Magellan Behavioral Health and HealthNet, I had profit and loss responsibility for large clinical and call centers, one of which won a company-wide Distinguished Service Center of the Year for outstanding quality indicators.

I launched the first fee for service coaching program for US employees at Goldman Sachs’ corporate headquarters. I also helped design, deliver and incorporate resiliency and mindfulness training into all levels of Goldman Sachs Americas leadership and development programs before these practices became a national trend. Over a period of 30 years, I provided thousands of hours of clinical, coaching, and consultation services to managers and leaders across multiple industries. I’ve conducted hundreds of seminars in a wide variety of industries on topics related to change management, strategic self-care practices in the workplace, and mental health|substance use awareness. Most recently I directed a large recovery coaching program in western Massachusetts and organized and coordinated a massive US national training expansion for Mental Health First Aid at Work. I currently conduct addiction and emotional recovery training for people in inpatient and outpatient substance use programs, as well as private individual consultation.


Previous clients include people in recovery, change agents, and employees and leaders in corporate, union, NGO and military settings, including: Bank of America, Towers Watson, Columbia University, B.F. Goodrich, Coca Cola, Deloitte, Oracle, EY, The New York Times, Coach, Carnegie Hall, World Bank, Kate Spade, US Army, US Coast Guard, Dunkin’ Donuts, National Hockey League, the International Coach Federation, the National Council for Behavioral Health and others.


Associate Certified Coach - International Coaching Federation

I earned a master’s degree in community organization from Hunter College School of Social Work, and a BA in history and psychology from Sarah Lawrence College. In addition to being classified as an International Coaching Federation (ICF) Associate Coach, I hold certifications in Transpersonal Hypnosis, Clinical Meditation and Imagery, and Transpersonal Coaching. I am licensed in New York state in clinical social work, with a specialty in substance use and recovery.  I am also a National Trainer for Mental Health First Aid at Work.

Although I maintain a clinical license, I no longer provide traditional insurance-covered psychotherapy.

I received performance-coaching training in London, England from Sir John Whitmore’s Performance Consultants International, and also from W. Timothy Gallwey, creator of the Inner Game coaching brand. I have been a long-term student at the New York Psychosynthesis Institute and the Huntington Meditation and Imagery Center.

The Children of Alcoholics Foundation published a series of remedial work skills training programs I developed for children from dysfunctional families. My corporate work has been featured in Fortune, Bloomberg, and Crain’s.

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