I consulted with Elizabeth Sudler when I was going through the difficult and protracted breakup of a long-term personal relationship. Elizabeth is, among other things, a gifted listener, whose sensitivity and discernment enabled her to immediately grasp the issues that were keeping me (and my ex-partner) from moving forward, and to frame and present both problems and solutions to me in a way that was immediately understandable and accessible. Together we fashioned a strategy for interacting and negotiating with my ex-partner that freed us both from our "stuckness" and eventually enabled us to reach a fair and balanced settlement of our personal and financial issues. Elizabeth's clarity and focus were invaluable to me in this process, and I know that I will be able to apply the skills she taught me in other areas of my life where I feel stuck or challenged (but I will be keeping Elizabeth's number on my speed-dial just in case!).

CL Moore, Esq.

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As a senior manager in two national behavioral health insurance companies, I had P&L responsibility for large clinical and call centers. Predominantly my work has involved turnarounds and operational expansion to meet growth targets. I have consulted in vendor roles with multiple Fortune 500 companies on behavioral change management, and led hundreds of seminars on resilience and self-management topics using psychological principles from my training as a licensed psychotherapist.

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