Yes, Goldman Sachs really Is a great place to work

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The company has taken its licks in recent years and has a reputation for long hours and intense competition. But scary-smart colleagues, sweet perks, and a commitment to giving back still make Goldman the ultimate career destination for the truly type A. (Okay, those bonus checks don’t hurt either.)

Two hundred feet above lower Manhattan in an airy modern conference room, some 20 employees are sitting elbow to elbow as they participate in a meditation session. Breathing in, then out, they heed the guidance of their instructor, who tells them to count to five silently — and to start over every time their attention wavers. “Notice where your mind wanders to,” she implores. “Let go of the day’s stresses.” The course grew out of the company’s Resiliency Week, a wellness initiative on stress management, happiness, and work-life balance over five days. It’s one of a number of unconventional perks…

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